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Protection Plan
List of components
1. Engine
Cylinder block and all lubricated internal parts hereafter listed: crankshaft, bearing bushes, pistons, piston ring (if piston replacement is necessary or if the piston rings are broken), connecting rods, connecting rod bearings, camshaft, bushings camshaft, cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, valves, valve guides, valve springs, rocker arm, push rods, hydraulic lifters, camshaft caps, front cover, timing chain and sprockets, belt distributor and tensioners, intake manifold, vibration, valve cover, oil sump (if damaged inside), oil pump.
2. Transmission
Housing and all lubricated internal parts listed below: Automatic: oil pump, valve housing, torque converter, planetary, vacuum modulator, main shaft, tapes, drums, gear sets, internal bearings, bearings , internal sealing rings, pipes and fittings. Manual: main shaft gear sets, forks, synchronizers, internal bearing, bearings, master cylinder and clutch cylinder. Excluded are the disc and the clutch plate and the clutch release bearing.
3. Differential Gear
Carter and all lubricated internal parts hereafter listed: bearing housing, gear sets, internal bearings, bushings, internal self-locking clutch assembly, positraction unit, axle shafts, universal joints, drive shafts.
4. Transfer Case
Housing and all the lubricated internal parts listed below: main shaft, gearing sets, chain and sprockets, internal bearings, bearings, electric motors or vacuum. Additional fees apply.
5. Turbo
Housing (if damaged from inside) internal mechanical parts, turbo compressor valves, bypass valves, aftercooler, discharge valve actuator. Additional fees apply.
6. Seals, Rings and Liquids
The cover includes the necessary replacement of all seals, bushings, liquids and lubricants only in the event of mechanical failure or failure of any of the covered parts listed in the contract.
7. Inlet Manifold
Seal of the intake manifold.
8. Electronic injection System
Fuel pump, pressure regulator, injectors (maintenance excluded).
9. Cooling System
Engine oil cooler, water pump and pulley. Engine and heater radiator, radiator fan motor, transmission oil cooler factory installed by manufacturer only.
10. Supports
Motor mounts, transmission mounts, propeller shaft mounts, traction box support.
11. Wheel Bearing
Front and rear wheel bearings.
12. Suspension
Ball joints, bushings, bearing rocket, upper and lower suspension arms. The following are excluded: shock absorbers.
13. Direction
Enclosure and all internally lubricated parts hereafter listed: rack-and-pinion steering valve assembly, serrated sector pin, steering column, bushings and rack pillar, power steering pump and pulley, fluid reservoir, rack gaiter, cooler of oil, high pressure pipeline and return.
14. Electronic Ignition
Electronic ignition module, induction coil. The following are excluded: distribution cap, rotor, distribution spinning.
15. Air Conditioning System
Compressor, compressor clutch and pulley, condenser, evaporator (if these parts were installed by the manufacturer and are genuine parts), orifice tube. High and low pressure lines, accumulator, expansion valve, high and low pressure switch.
16. Brakes
Master cylinder, vacuum boosters, wheel cylinders, brake compensator, front and rear disc brake calipers, rear brake plates, self-adjusting system and return springs, cable and emergency brake connections. The following are excluded: brake pads, discs, drums and all electronic parts.
17. Abs Brakes
Pressure accumulator, hydraulic pump, valve body.
18. Sensors
Electronic ignition system sensors, ABS wheel electronic sensors, electronic ignition elements, and electronic injection system sensors.
19. Electricity
Alternator, starter, starter solenoid, front and rear wiper motors, intermittent wipers, front and rear windshield washer pumps, blower motor.
20. Switches
Front and rear windshield wiper switches, rear defroster, power windows, heaters, turn signals, door locks, power seats, cruise control, door lock control, governor actuator speed, engine electric windows, motor and gearing adjustment of the electric seats.
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