Terminating My Finance Agreement

terminate my finance

Terminating My Finance Agreement

Whether your financial situation has recently undergone some major changes or you simply think it's time to buy your next car, AutoZoom can help you get out of your existing finance agreement. If you're based in our home of Saint-Eustache, Laval, Longueuil, Mirabel, Deux-Montagnes, Sainte-Therese, QC, or anywhere in between, you can take advantage of one of several options available at AutoZoom to terminate your agreement and treat yourself to one of our attractive pre-owned models. Learn more about how we can help below, and contact us at AutoZoom at your convenience to get started without any hassles.


What Does Terminating a Loan Mean?


While returning or exchanging an item or small purchase is often fairly simple, ending a car loan is a slightly more intricate process, as not all dealerships allow drivers the option of cancelling their purchases and loans or returning their vehicles within a few days of purchase. For starters, terminating a car loan means ending the financing agreement on your current vehicle when you owe an existing balance. Naturally, the balance left on the loan must be accounted for in one way or another, and luckily, we at AutoZoom can offer several accommodating options to help you terminate your loan and move on to your next vehicle from our inventory without any attachments or unpleasant conditions.


Can I Cancel a Finance Agreement?


Typically, an auto financing agreement can be terminated once the remaining balance has been paid off or when the client refinances. If you have the capital on hand, the simplest way to go is to pay off what’s left on your vehicle in one lump sum, and if you’d prefer to keep your vehicle and need a loan because your financial situation has changed unexpectedly, you can also choose to obtain refinancing on your car and resume making your regularly scheduled payments under a new agreement.

Another compelling option is to sell your existing vehicle or trade it into our dealership. As the preeminent pre-owned car dealership in the Saint-Eustache area, we always welcome clients who are looking to sell their cars, and we’ll be thrilled to buy yours before guiding you through your next purchase, all in the same, convenient place. We’ll work with you throughout the process and buy your vehicle at a great price to help you out of your existing finance agreement, and you can also trade it in after appraising your vehicle through our online service. Trade-ins and sales are especially convenient options, as they allow you to pay off the balance on your loan or provide you with a down payment needed to finance your next car with AutoZoom. Whichever option you prefer, our team can help every step of the way to ensure that you enjoy every part of the process.


What to Do After My Car Financing Has Been Terminated


Terminating or paying off your car loan gives you the freedom to find your dream model with a clear head, and AutoZoom can help with that, too. Indeed, our dealership’s pre-owned inventory has something for everyone, and you can obtain a car loan as easily as you terminated your previous one with the help of our Finance Centre. We’ll work with you to determine the best and most accommodating terms for your AutoZoom purchase, and you can also obtain pre-approval for a loan before visiting us thanks to our online Credit Application. Whatever you prefer, contact AutoZoom today to get started, and we’ll be thrilled to help you get to the wheel of your ideal vehicle with minimal delay.