At Auto Zoom, our technicians are there to provide you with service that meets your expectations.

Service Express - AutoZoom
Service Express

Because your time is precious and so is your vehicle

Équipement Moderne - AutoZoom
Modern Equipment

Modern equipment for all repairs and diagnostics.

Techniciens Certifiés - AutoZoom
Certified Technicians

Let our certified technicians take care of all your automotive needs..

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    Services Offered At AutoZoom

    Changement D'huile
    Oil change
    Have your car's oil and filters changed according to the manufacturer's required maintenance schedule.
    Services De Pneus
    Tire Services
    We offer a variety of services. Tire changes, tire rotations, repairs and balancing to keep your tires safe.
    Système De Freinage
    Braking system
    Do you hear squealing noises, or feel a pulsation while braking? if so, your brakes may need repair.
    Suspension & Direction
    Suspension & Steering

    Montreal's roads can have harmful consequences on the suspension of your vehicle. 

    Calendrier D'entretien
    Maintenance Schedule
    We can carry out any necessary maintenance. Whether for a seasonal inspection, air filter, fluids, belts, lights etc.
    Problèmes mécaniques
    And much more
    We can take care of any mechanical issues. Schedule your service appointment today.