Benefits of Selling Your Vehicle to our Dealer

Benefits of Selling Your Vehicle to our Dealer

Benefits of Selling Your Vehicle to our Dealer

Selling your car can seem like a daunting process, but it doesn't have to be. While a private sale can often be a gamble due to its many risks, selling your vehicle to a dealership comes with many perks. As Quebec's premier destination for quality pre-owned vehicles, AutoZoom always welcomes drivers who are looking to sell their current car before treating themselves to their next model from our vast inventory. Whether you do the bulk of your driving in our home of Saint-Eustache, Laval, Mirabel, Sainte-Therese, Longueuil, or Deux-Montagnes, QC, find out how you can benefit from allowing us the pleasure of buying your vehicle, and contact us today for further details.

No Extra Maintenance

A private sale often comes with added maintenance costs, as sellers want to ensure that their car is in the best possible condition to optimize the resale value. AutoZoom can spare you such expenses and any potential hassles with mechanics and insurance carriers, and by extension, help you maximize your return on the sale, as we perform thorough inspections and any necessary maintenance on every car we buy before we put it up for sale.

Convenient & Effortless

Private sales often come with a lot of time-consuming logistics, as the seller often needs to post and respond to ads, schedule meetings and test drives, and negotiate a final sales price, all while dealing with potential no-shows. AutoZoom can spare you every one of those hassles and all the paperwork that comes with them. With a single visit to our dealership, you can sell and sign over your vehicle for a fair price and find your next car in one convenient location, and perhaps best of all, you can let us worry about finding a buyer.

Get Paid Instantly

Even once you and a prospective buyer come to an agreement on your car’s sales price, you may be stuck waiting for them to come up with the funds or for a cheque to clear. By selling your vehicle to AutoZoom, you can avoid playing such waiting games and get paid for your car without delays. In short, if you happen to be in immediate need of financial assistance, bringing your vehicle to a dealership is the way to go.

Pay Fewer Taxes

Selling your car to a dealership not only spares you a variety of headaches and ensures that you get a fair return for your vehicle, it also saves you money come tax season. Indeed, if you sell us your car and buy your next one at AutoZoom, you’ll only pay tax on the price difference between the two models, as opposed to paying the tax on the full price of your next purchase. A private sale, on the other hand, won’t come with this tax break, as the sales transaction won’t be on record when you later purchase your next car.

Sell Your Car for the Right Price

In visiting AutoZoom to sell your car, you'll get peace of mind knowing it will be appraised by seasoned professionals who'll ensure that you get a fair price. We also allow every consumer to obtain a trade-in estimate through our online appraisal tool, after which you can visit our dealership and work with one of our staff to iron out a final sales price. Our team will assess your vehicle's condition, maintenance history, features, and mileage, among other factors, to determine its value, and if you intend to buy your next vehicle at AutoZoom, we'll gladly include your trade-in's sales price in your next purchase agreement to help you save more.

Once you've sold us your car and found your next one, our Finance Centre can offer you flexible terms and competitive rates to simplify your purchase. We also help consumers expedite the process online, as our user-friendly finance application allows you to get pre-approved for credit with minimal delay. For more on our available financial services, contact us at AutoZoom today.

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